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Everything new is old again

Tuesday, March 01, 2016 - Updated: 2:13 PM
By Jody Norwood

Everything from my childhood has officially become everything for my daughter’s.

For a little background, I grew up in the 80s. I saw the birth of both Transformers and GI Joe. Summers were spent outdoors, running around our neighborhood. And when I came inside, a former actor (even though I didn’t know he was at the time) told us through television addresses what was wrong with the world and how he was fixing it.

Tom Brokaw talked through his jowls to us on the nightly news, explaining what the other guy was talking about. Usually it was about fighting somewhere in the world. Or terrorism. Or how bad the economy was. 

Toward the end of the decade there was the Iran Contra Affair. Some friends I grew up with got to go to Washington, D.C. while it was going on and watch Oliver North testify about selling guns to militant groups in the Middle East, using those funds to fight Communists in other parts of the world. On a side note, my best friend at the time named his cat after the lieutenant colonel.

I didn’t know much about who was fighting who. None of the names sounded familiar to someone growing up in western Kentucky.

And 30 years later, we’re back in the same spot.

My daughter is growing up with the Transformers and GI Joe, just in a little different form. Now, they’re part of multi-million dollar movies. We’re fighting wars which she (and most other people) don’t understand in parts of the world the majority of Americans have a hard time spelling.

The news is filled with a continuous episodic series of scandals. Appointed officials testify before committees and in courts, questioned about one screw up or some wrong doing. Their answers aren’t too dissimilar than North falling back on his Fifth Amendment rights some 40 odd times while being grilled about trading drugs and guns to terrorists while the president he was trading them for decried drugs and terrorists with guns.

They say everything old is new again, and that seems to be the case. I grew up in a time with dishonest politicians at every level, a country at war with people I’d never heard of and giant robots. So is my daughter.

And there’s a celebrity jockeying to get into the White House. Again. Now, it probably should be noted, Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan. 

On the other hand, there are those drawing the comparison. Such as Faith Whittelesy. Whittelsey is the former U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland serving under President Reagan.

Whittelsey endorses Trump, comparing him to — in her words — what was painted as the war mongering version of Reagan that was often forgotten. She also notes that both are ex-Democrats who were known for speaking plainly.

And that’s where she leaves it, other than to say that she believes Trump will be the next U.S president.

Everything old is new again.

While that means we may have to put up with a TV Reality Star in Chief, maybe as a bright side we can bring back Miami Vice.

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