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Who to vote for

Wednesday, August 03, 2016 - Updated: 6:11 AM

The Republican and Democratic national conventions are behind us. The balloon dropping, bloviating and cheerleading will move now to super PAC funded attack ads where big dollar donors get all the free speech tax sheltered money can buy.

Democracy will move forward and soon we will have four years of someone new holding public addresses and shaking hands in the Oval Office.

But who should you vote for?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

First up is nominee Hillary Clinton for the Democrats. Clinton is no stranger to the White House, having spent eight years there with her husband Bill. She’s also no stranger to politics, having spent most of her adult life as part of the establishment she claims to want to change.

For a quick recap, the Democratic party manipulated its own members and sold member access to corporate bidders so they could elect a woman who would end the government’s inability to serve unrepresented citizens and limit manipulation by the ultra wealthy. In other words, they hope people will vote for the same kind of people they’re telling them they shouldn’t be voting for.

But why should you vote for Clinton?

Because if you don’t, for the next four years the conversation is going to be sexism. If a man — any man — wins the upcoming presidential election, pundits and talking heads will fill thousands of hours of air time and column inches talking about how America just isn’t ready for a female leader yet.

There will be talk about glass ceilings (which are real) and a look at women in the workplace. Comparisons will be drawn between the struggle of working middle class moms and Clinton, who some will paint as having had a second election stolen by a man.

In fairness, some of it will be warranted. Some men and women in this country won’t vote for Clinton simply because she’s a woman. On the other hand, if the maneuvering for the nomination is any indicator, a good number of people only wanted Clinton because she was a woman.

Leaked emails and the sudden resignation of Debbi Wasserman Schultz give some credence to claims that only Clinton would receive the nomination, regardless of what voters wanted.

And that’s working well for Clinton’s opponent, Republican nominee Donald Trump. So while we’re talking about Trump (because, eventually, everyone is), let’s look at why you should vote for Trump.

A Trump presidency will remind people that at least a simple majority of the country doesn’t really care if you’re a horrible person. 

That’s going to be taken as a criticism by some, but it’s not meant to be. The truth is, Americans tend to think other citizens are like them. They aren’t.

We see it at local nuisance hearings where property owners petition city councils and fiscal courts to force neighbors to clean up trash covered yards. We see it in the court docket when people do very bad things for no discernible reason. We receive letters to the editor about the things that go wrong or were just never right.

It’s a kind of tunnel vision we have, where good people expect other people to just be good. Like that’s the norm.

Unfortunately that’s not true. It never has been. There’s a world full of guys like Trump. Guys who make fun of the handicapped because they were proven wrong. Guys who cancel insurance on sick babies (who also happens to be a nephew) to prove a point. Guys who want to spend $25 billion of someone else’s money to keep immigrants out, while at the same time applying for 78 temporary worker visas (just in July alone) in an effort to have a cheap labor force.

Well, ok, maybe not that last one. There’s not a lot of those, as most people are too busy trying to scrape by and don’t have the money to recruit foreign labor.

But the four years that follow a Trump presidency would do well to remind people just how bad other people are. It would also help with the need some feel to defend the offended.

It’s not a new issue, the rampant political correctness we have. Somewhere along the way we forgot that it’s ok to be offended. We stopped trying to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves (the positive roots of political correctness) and instead decided everyone had to be protected from everything. Every negative comment, bad word and criticism. 

And the unfortunate part is, some people need offending.

Internet instigators on social media calling for violence against police? They need offended. 

People starting petitions to cancel showings of movies they disagree with (most recently Fifty Shades of Grey and American Sniper)? They need offended.

So there you go. One reason to vote for each candidate. To avoid four years of talk about sexism or to avoid four years to avoid talk about how everyone is offended. Cast your vote, and maybe in four years we can give you a reason to vote that’s more positive, like voting for a candidate with a realistic spending plan or a candidate who understands what needs to be done to fix the economy.


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