The Caldwell County Free Clinic, which serves Caldwell, Crittenden and Lyon counties, as well as Dawson Sprints, offers the following information in regards to its annual cookie walk:

In lieu of a 2021 Christmas Cook Walk, a Bakeless Cookie Walk is planned.

“Many is the time I heard you say,

I would rather give a “dollar” than bake today.

And so, we are asking you to help more or less,

To make our bakeless bake sale a big success.

The pandemic cancelled our event in ’21 and ’20,

Cookie Walk memories come to our minds PLENTY.

So, this is our way to propose, reach out and talk

About a different fundraiser — a BAKELESS COOKIE WALK!

Just send us the money that it would take to bake

A pan of brownies, some cookies or a beautiful cake.

Send the amount you would spend on boxes of treats;

The time and effort you save will be hard to beat!”

The Caldwell County Free Clinic is raising funds to provide medical services for qualifying workers who do not have health insurance or have exceptionally high deductibles for the insurance they may have.

Please mail your donation to:

Caldwell County Free Clinic, Inc.

P. O. Box 832

Princeton, KY 42445