Lyon County Board of Education member Jim Bannister has resigned his seat on the five-person body that guides policy at the local school district.

“He is really a top notch gentleman. I will miss him.,” said Superintendent of Schools Russ Tilford. “He was often quiet in the meetings, but he stayed in touch with me often. If he spoke up, it was certainly worth listening.”

Bannister, 78, represented Educational District 3 and had missed several recent meetings, many of which were special-called sessions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He cited his age and immobility for stepping away from a post he has held the last eight-plus years.

Educational District 3 is comprises the northwest corner of Lyon County.

The board is seeking to appoint a replacement for the remainder of Bannister’s term, which ends at the close of 2020. According to statutes, the appointee should be at least 24, a registered voter in Educational District 3 and been a Kentucky citizens for the last three years. The person selected must also hold a high school diploma or GED, as well as other qualification set forth by statute.

Applications with be taken through May 27. Tilford hopes to make an appointment soon.

Kentucky boards of education are responsible for many duties, but setting an operating budget and hiring new superintendents are chief among their jobs.

Educational District 3 is one of three Lyon County Board of Education districts already on the ballot this fall. Districts 2 and 4 are also up for re-election. on Nov. 3. Anyone wishing to run for the non-partisan office must file the candidate paperwork by June 2. Whomever wins the general election vote will serve a four-year term.

Other local board of education members are Chairman Denny Gray, District 1; Vice Chairman Dr. Kent Schoonover, District 2; Brad Richie, District 4; and Josh Patton, District 5. Schoonover has already field for reelection.