At their regular monthly meeting Monday evening, the Lyon County Board of Education heard first-hand from administrators and students the ways the school's newly purchased Chromebooks have affected their learning experience.

Supervisor of Instruction Robin Hurst took the floor to begin the meeting, and shared results of a survey they conducted on LCHS students about their experience with the use of one-to-one Chromebook technology in the classroom so far.

According to Hurst, 70.6-percent of the students surveyed said the Chromebooks have made learning more fun or interesting, and 60.2-percent of the high school students said the laptops have been a positive step forward in their learning.

She said students are utilizing the laptops in myriad ways, from accessing online literature to creating digital portfolios of their art.

Middle School Principal Drew Taylor brought along three students, Jenna Coursey, Courtney Shank, and Justin Dunning, who each shared an assignment or project they had worked on in class using the Chromebooks with the board members.

Taylor said so far they haven't uncovered many negatives about the use of the Chromebooks in students' daily learning, and that the vast majority of students and teachers have adapted very quickly to the new, technology-enhanced learning techniques.

The purchase of the Chromebooks was approved by the Board of Education earlier this year, and each middle and high school student was issued one of the laptops prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

The Lyon County Board of Education meets the third Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in the District Conference Center. Their next meeting will be October 21.