The Carson Center in Paducah is not requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test in December, as it recently updated its policy for patrons.

Effective Dec. 1, until further notice, The Carson Center’s policy is that all guests (age 4 and older) who attend a public indoor event at the facility must wear a face mask. The masks are required at all times unless the person is actively eating or drinking, according to the facility.

Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test is not required for entry. Meanwhile, the failure to comply with the mask policy may result in someone being asked to leave. No refunds will be given.

The policy is subject to change.

“It is in line with what most venues are doing across the nation to accommodate national tours — just requesting that the audience at least at a very minimum — it’s kind of the minimum standard — that the audience be masked,” Executive Director Mary Katz told The Sun.

“All the back stage people still have to be vaccinated. Anybody that’s coming in on the tour has to be vaccinated or tested, so like we will be testing or requiring vaccinations backstage for the symphony, because they’re playing instruments and they’re close to each other, and so on and so forth.”

The Carson Center has many different events coming up, including “An Officer and a Gentleman” on Dec. 18, America on Feb. 3, “Waitress” on Feb. 10, and “Blippi The Musical” on Feb. 27. Comedian Bill Engvall and Crowder are scheduled in March.

“If they’re in doubt, give us a call for upcoming shows because we have just announced a lot of programming and people are buying gift certificates and things for future shows,” Katz said, on the COVID-19 policy.

“They just would need to let the recipients of their gifts know that they would need to probably wear a mask.”

Visitors are asked to stay home if they are sick. People can email if they have any questions. Updates for the COVID-19 policy are available at

Follow Kelly Farrell on Twitter, @KellyAFarrell11

Follow Kelly Farrell on Twitter, @KellyAFarrell11