Eddyville Mayor John Choat said several people in the community are asking where they can make donations to help local charities during the coronavirus pandemic. Some, he explained, are wanting to donate to the City of Eddyville and let local policymakers dispense the money.

“The city cannot do that,” he said.

Instead, he is offering alternatives for contributors, including:

  • Hope Food Bank: Call Director Barbara Whitfield at 270-963-3509.
  • Lyon County FRYSC: Call Director Teresa Young at 270-388-9715, ext. 411.
  • Feeding America: Call Young at 270-388-9715, ext. 411, and ask that money stay in Lyon County.

“I want to encourage folks to donate to these or other charities of their choice, such as their church; or contact their pastor, as they may know of other local charities,” Choat added. “We know that the need was there already, and probably more so with the COVID-19 situation.”