The Great Commission has become the great omission. Sir Walter Scott, the author of “Ivanhoe” said in his autobiography, “If it happens a youth reads these pages, let him remember that it is the deepest regret that I neglected my opportunities of learning through every part of my career, I have felt pinched and hampered by my own ignorance. If I could have what I have neglected, I would give half of my reputation, then I could rest the remaining part upon a sound foundation of learning and science.” O God, what a relationship this statement has in my neglectful commitment to my Savior!

I could have been a greater student of His precious holy word. I should be a prayer warrior with power. I should be a soul-winner, snatching souls out of the fires of hell. Satan is not asleep, but his distractions and my procrastination have robbed me of a far greater intimate relationship with Him than I now enjoy!