If one looks up the word, ‘itis’ in the dictionary, he would read that it is a suffix which means ‘an inflammation of.’ Scripture refers to that old serpent, which is the devil and Satan. The serpent is one who is subtle in deceiving you. He will have you believing all kinds of things if you listen to him. Satan is also a full fledged adversary! Notice in chapter one of Job how he accused him of serving God with an impure motive. He is referred to in the Greek language as Diabolo, the Slanderer! His attempt to deceive Jesus in the wilderness (Matthew 4) shows he has no fear. In Jude, Michael the Archangel dared not challenge him! (V 9)

It seems that we have to contend with him an awful lot! He strikes anywhere, and at anytime. His two most favorite times seem to be on Sunday morning and Wednesday night! He has practically overtaken Wednesday night church nights with sports activities. Sports are good, but they should have their priority. That is second place to serving God! Specifically on the days he seems most robust, are the times of 11 O’clock on Sunday, and around 7 O’clock on Wednesday night. There seems to be a time span for a period of about two hours when a full blown case of Devilitis breaks out! It is a most peculiar infection, severe, but short lived!

It has a way of making one feel so badly they don’t want to go to church. Miraculously though, there is a sudden feeling good recovery when the football games come on, or time to go out to lunch, or get our gun or fishing pole and head for the honey hole. It seems to strike twice on Sunday. The first time is around 11 and the second time about 6 O’clock. Amazingly, by the time both morning and evening services begin it lets up so the favorite team or television program can be watched. The symptoms are very strange! They are strong enough to make you feel bad on church night or mornings, but never bad enough to keep you from going to work the next day, or shopping during church time. I wonder if we have ever seriously considered the lasting scars of this disease? I wonder if we have thought that our priorities are not that important? I wonder what goes on in the minds of our kids when they see and hear the pitiful phony excuses we use for not attending the House of God? I wonder what eternity will reap in the examples we have given to our children? Make no mistake about it, Mom and Dad, you are responsible for the spiritual growth of your children. A good case of repentance on our part may be the very medicine we need to cure our devilitis.