The only gospel account that shares this incident is Luke. This one is full of advice for us as Christians. It starts out with Jesus not being in their mind set (v 43). They knew it not! Alas, how many times do we as a church meet and if it were not for His promise that where two or three are gathered together in His name He is present (Matthew 18:20), it might be a sad gathering. When Jesus, however is present, His business is in high gear. We praise and glorify His name. Mundane things fall by the wayside as secondary importance (v 49). Earthly wisdom, gives place for spiritual truths, falls into the ditches often confused by our degrees (v 46-47). How often the Lord only knows, Jesus is missed, but not noticed in our services? (v 43).

We suppose Him to be in our midst, but that is not enough (v 44). Acute awareness must constantly be sought that He is always sought and found in our services. A famous evangelist said if Jesus comes back on a Sunday morning during the church hour, there would hardly be a ripple in the church. That may seem a bit harsh, but when pastors look out over their congregations at the bland faces, they may question the veracity of that statement.