Last week, I shared one of my favorites of scripture. It is a singular verse in that it explains how to be saved and why God saves those who trust in Him!

He loves us and because He loves us, he gives us freely salvation if we believe and trust in Him as our Savior. How do I believe unto salvation? We acknowledge our sins, and ask God’s forgiveness, calling upon Him in repentance. Whosoever includes all. Believeth implies receiving the free gift of salvation. Believing is like a well full of water that gives life. The well is there and the water of life is there, but you must take the dipper of faith and take water from the well. It is not enough that you know intellectually that water is in the well, you must draw out from the well. Believing by faith and receiving go hand in hand. He offers the gift and you must receive the gift. A gift not accepted is a gift not received.