Known by Southern Baptist around the globe, the name "Lottie Moon" is being recognized in the world's largest communist nation for its historical significance.

Lottie Moon was a Southern Baptist missionary to China in the late 1800s, and her significance is recognized through the Woman's Missionary Union Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, movies, books and documentaries. More than $4.5 billion have been given in her name over the last 120 years.

Now, the church built in 1872 where she was a member during her time in Dengzhou, China, has been designated as a nationally protected historical and cultural site by The State Council of the People's Republic of China, according to the China Christian daily reported last month.

"The Wulin Shenghui Church of Penglai Shandong province was 'home base' for Lottie, and we are thrilled to see this site preserved, not as a monument to a missionary, but as a spiritual marker to remind the world that the gospel is worthy of your life," International Mission Board President Paul Chitwood said in a news release. "God used Lottie Moon to change China, and also to change Southern Baptists, forever."

The Southern Baptist faith is one of the most predominant in Lyon County, with 14 churches in the county and another 11 within 10 miles of Eddyville.