When I was a boy, the neighborhood kids would all gather at our house and play hide-and-seek! We would choose one to be “it.” They would hid their eyes and count to 100 while the rest of us would run and hide. The “it” would look for us and, when he found someone, they would race back to the base. If “it” beat him back then whoever he had found would become the next “it.”

The “it” would hide their eyes, count and then exclaim, “Here I come, ready or not.” On a church sign in Little Rock, Arkansas, a billboard read, “What you gonna do when He come for you bad boys?” It was the song from “Cops,” a popular television series. It definitely was an eye-catcher. Such in many ways is when Jesus comes back from Heaven to catch away the ones who have been born again. John 3:3-5 tells us that “except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”