Maybe I should ask instead who or what is number one in your life? Happiness in many football fans rises or falls by whether their team loses. Lou Holtz, the legendary coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks said that they were going to a bowl game that year if it wasn’t anything but the toilet bowl. Sports mania is an OK thing! I enjoy sports, but there are things much more valuable and praise worthy for you than sports. I remember when schools did not have sports practices on Wednesday nights and schools would let out for church revivals! I wonder if, in principle, that is not contributing to the delinquency of a minor? Like I said, sports is good given its proper place, but there is a higher rating for us to enjoy!

Families should rate highly in our lives, but according to the word of God (Luke 14:26) they are not to push out your number one. I personally grieve as a pastor when church members have birthday parties for their kids on church nights. Are they in theory teaching the unimportance of God’s place in their lives? Joshua boldly proclaimed in Joshua 24:14-15, ‘As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord!’ Many families when their kin folks visit on a Sunday stay home for that day, considering it rude if they come to church! Maybe, just maybe, we should fire up our testimony to them that they will know to bring something to wear to church with us!