Scripture tells us about how many turned away from the Lord. Even those closest to Him walked away in times of trouble (Matthew 26). In the times just before His coming back to receive His saints, it is prophesied that some shall depart from the faith!

Never has there been such a death in the pews across America!

Some have said — and it is a pretty good analysis — that Sunday morning worship service pictures the popularity of the preacher, Sunday night the popularity of the people and Wednesday night the popularity of Jesus.

II Timothy 4:3 reads that, “The time will come when they will not endure sound teaching, but after their own lusts shall they keep to themselves, teachers, having itching ears.”

In II Timothy 4:10 Paul writes to Timothy that, “Demas had forsaken me because Demas loved the worldly things more than he loved Jesus.” In verse 16 of II Timothy 4, Paul said that, “All men favored him.”

Hebrews 10:25 shows that we should not forsake the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some are, but should attend all the more frequently as we see the day of the Lord approaching. So many of our children have shut their doors on Sunday night and Wednesday night because of the worldly antagonism against Godly things.

Should the gathering to worship be more important than scheduling time to practice sports? Absolutely! Or any other schedule.

Once where I was pastor, a school teacher moved his music choir practice to Wednesdays night. Several of our kids were in his music department. When they missed his class, he threatened to lower their grade by one letter. After a confrontation with one of the ladies of the church, he changed his mind about grade lowering but still held his music program.

Why is it important that any activities — school or otherwise — be scheduled not on a church night or Sunday? The very reason that you teach the activity is more important than attending church and serving our lord?

If you have an opportunity to choose whether to meet with Jesus or something less important such as a child’s birthday or fishing or visiting a relative, which would you choose? Nothing, absolutely nothing has more priority in your life than serving Jesus.

Why is the house of the Lord forsaken, cried the prophet? The answer biblically is because truth has fallen into the streets. Self -interests are placed before the will of God the Father.

Even in the darkest hour on the cross, they deserted him.

How calloused is the heart of Christians who substitute selfish things to being with the church.

Mac Walls is pastor at Eddyville Second Baptist Church. His opinions are his own and not necessarily those of this newspaper.

Mac Walls is pastor at Eddyville Second Baptist Church. His opinions are his own and not necessarily those of this newspaper.