Dawn Cotham

Dawn Cotham is the new Lyon County girls basketball head coach.

Dawn Cotham, an assistant under outgoing coach Jeff Doom, has been named head coach of the Lyon County girls basketball program.

The Lyon County girls basketball program has had some great coaches over the years. Doug Phelps, who coached from 1988-1999, helped build the foundation that began Cotham’s basketball career in the late 1990s.

Eventually Phelps’ longtime friend and fellow teacher, Jeff Doom, would take the program over from coach Malissa Thomas in 2009. Doom, who dedicated the last 11 years to coaching the Lady Lyons basketball program, saw the future of the program in assistant coach Cotham when he asked her to join the program a few years ago.

While the program is sad to see Doom leave, they are excited about Cotham taking over the program.

“I have seen firsthand the amount of time and work Coach Doom has put into this program,” Cotham said. “He’s poured himself into the team for years and no one deserves retirement more, but he will certainly be missed.”

“It’s an honor to step into the role and I am thankful for Mr. Rad, Mr. Thomas, and Mr. Tilford for the opportunity,” Cotham said. “People always say do what you love, and I actually get to do that. I love the game, these girls, and our community, so this is a blessing.”

Cotham is eager to get started and plans to get the girls back in the gym as soon as possible but notes that the new high school renovations will make it challenging with both boys and girls middle school and high school coaches having to share the middle school gym until the renovations are complete.

It’s no doubt that Cotham will have big shoes to fill as Doom won three district championships and two All “A” regional titles in his 11 years, but she is up to the challenge.