The Cullan at Mineral Mound was named on Monday to honor the late Cullan Brown. Mineral Mound State Golf Course was a place Brown practiced and played on. Gov. Andy Beshear and the Brown family were joined by many others to commemorate Cullan’s legacy.

The late golfer and Lyon County’s own Cullan Brown was honored on Monday with the renaming of Mineral Mound State Golf Course.

The Cullan at Mineral Mound is dedicated to Cullan and his legacy in the community. Growing up in Lyon County, Brown visited Mineral Mound frequently and engaged with resident golfers.

“He didn’t come here to play, he came here to practice because he wanted to get better, and work toward his dream of playing on tour,” said Emily Brown, Cullan’s mother.

Cullan Brown excelled as a golfer, and eventually went on to play for the University of Kentucky.

Gov. Andy Beshear, other elected officials, friends and family joined Monday to rededicate the golf course to one of its prized players.

“We are here today to rededicate Mineral Mound State Golf Course in honor of Cullan Brown, whose life and legacy has made such an important impact, despite its tragic brevity,” Beshear said.

Brown lost his life to osteosarcoma last August.

He was 20 years old.

The cancer bore a burden on the family that has yet to ease, but despite unfortunate circumstances, the Browns were lifted in spirit as the governor and countless others met to honor Cullan.

“It’s our hope that everyone that comes to play this beautiful course, plays it like Cullan,” Emily said. “Our family is touched to have Cullan’s memory honored by the renaming of the golf course. This is the course where he grew up, practicing countless hours, working towards his dreams.”

Deb Domke, Lake Barkley Chamber of Commerce executive director, said, “Many people have walked and will walk the Mineral Mound golf Course, but the footprints that will always be here are Cullan’s.”

Donna Parsley attended the ceremony. She was a close family friend.

Parsley recalled Cullan riding to basketball games with her and Cullan’s grandmother. She said he would sing, “I’m Glad to be an American” by Lee Greenwood on the way there.

Alex Goff was Cullan’s roommate at UK. He recalled what it was like living with Cullan during his freshman year at the dorms.

“His personality was just

different,” Goff said. “He was a 20-year-old with a 45-year-old man’s personality.”

Goff got to know Cullan on the course, in the classroom, in the dorm, and he realized that he left an everlasting impression where ever he went.

“They would name the town after him if they could,” Goff said.

Another person Cullan touched was his golf coach at UK, Brian Craig.

Craig noticed Cullan was not only a tremendous player, but also a respectful and charismatic young man. He said Cullan was like a brother, not just a teammate.

“I ask that the Big Blue Nation keep the Brown family in their prayers on this day and going forward,” Craig said.