As the new year kicks off, so did the Lyon County Girl Scout’s annual Cookie Kick-Off event. Tummies were rumbling in anticipation of tasting this year’s cookie line-up on Sunday, Jan. 2, as the Lyon County Girl Scouts assembled for the start of the Girl Scout Cookie selling season.

Carrie Barnett, Lyon County Troop Coordinator, announced the opening of Girl Scout Cookie selling season at the highly anticipated Annual Kick-Off event which was held at the Lyon County Senior Center in Eddyville. Girl Scouts from all Troops, along with Troop Leaders Jessica Herring, Lynn Orange and Mike Stagner (Troop 272), Julie Stamps and Tiffany Watson (Troop 963), and Anna Knight and Sommer Perkins (Troop 1973) who were gathered for this informational rally and for the tasting of this year’s uniquely delicious Girl Scout Cookies that will be for sale.

The history of Girl Scout cookies dates back to the early 1920s, when earning money took a new importance. It was during this time, that Girl Scout staff and volunteers realized they must devise a way to raise money to support the Girl Scout Organization, the Troops, and their activities. It was this realization and effort that gave birth to this much loved and much anticipated Girl Scout tradition…the Girl Scout Cookie sale.

While Girl Scouts baked and sold cookies as early as 1917, it wasn’t until 1922, when Chicago Girl Scout leader Florence E. Neal created a cookie recipe which was distributed to 2000 local members, that Girl Scout cookies started to become a national sensation. It was then that Neal suggested her simple sugar cookie recipe should be baked and packaged and sold for $.25-$.30 per dozen, giving Troops an ample profit to use for Troop supplies and activities.

“This important fund raising effort is still vitally important today,” said Barnett. “When you buy a box of cookies to eat or donate, you are also supporting programs for a girl and her Girl Scout Troop. Girls use their money to fund activities, attend events, or take trips locally to museums or space centers. Older girls can use their funds to plan and go to other states and in some cases to travel outside the United States,” Barnett explained.

Barnett who is quite passionate about the Girl Scouts, and has been an active Girl Scout adult volunteer and Leader for 38 years, believes Girl Scouts is the best place for a girl to find friendship, love and a sense of purpose in themselves and the world around them. “I know of no other organization where girls and women can learn and build character and leadership skills like the Girl Scouts,” Barnett said.

Barnett cited that the Girl Scouts have created more women leaders than any other organization in history, including 83% of Governors, 75% of Senators, and 53% of members of Congress.” Not only do girls and women need to know how to lead in their own lives, but they also should be confident that they can be leaders in the world,” said Barnett.

As Lyon County Girl Scouts hit the streets with their smiles and cookie order sheets, they will be offering for purchase this year’s all-star Girl Scout Cookie line-up which includes:

Adventurefuls, a brand new brownie-inspired cookie this year with caramel flavored cre’me and a hint of sea salt;

Trefoils, the long-time favorite and cookie designed after Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low’s patented design for the original three-leafed membership badge;

Lemon-Ups, a lemon sensation with inspiring messages to lift your spirits;

Do-Si-Dos, an oatmeal sandwich cookie filled with peanut butter filling;

Samoas, a crispy classic with caramel, coconut, and dark chocolaty stripes;

Tagalongs, the chocolate covered peanut butter layered cookie delight;

Thin Mints, the always popular and delicious chocolaty cookie made with natural oil of peppermint;

These Girl Scout Cookie standards are being sold for only $5 per box.

In addition, the Girl Scouts are featuring two specialty Girl Scout Cookies for $6 per box:

S’Mores, the campers delight graham sandwich cookie with chocolate and marshmallow filling; and Toffee-Tastic, the gluten-free stand out cookie with sweet, crunchy toffee bits

Not only are individuals able to satisfy their cookie cravings, but in the spirit of Girl Scout service, they will be offering Girl Scout Cookies for purchase to be donated. “Operation: Cookie” is the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Council-wide Gift of Caring campaign for 2022. Troops and girls will be offering cookies for purchase that will be shipped directly to organizations that support United States military troops. Purchasing boxes or cases of cookies for “Operation: Cookie” will help Girl Scouts earn special rewards and give individuals a chance to bring Girl Scout goodness to those past and present serving our Country.

“Selling Girl Scout Cookies teaches Troops how to speak to people, manage money and reach goals. Also, with the money they raise girls are able to attend events cost free, complete projects for badges and do community service projects,” said Jessica Herring Troop 272.

Since the 1920s when Girl Scout Cookie sales began, these much sought after delicacies have gone from a home bake money earner to one of the largest girl-run businesses in the world. During the months that Girl Scout Cookies are sold each year, the sales from these smiling, door-knocking foot soldiers generate more than $700 million a year and engage the business skills of girls of all ages from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Girl Scout Aubrey Stamps says she likes selling Girl Scout cookies because, “It’s fun and helps me earn badges,” Aubrey’s mother and Troop 963 Leader Julie Stamps explained that it was important for Aubrey and girls in all troops to sell Girl Scout cookies because it helps provide financial support to troops so they can do fun and educational activities like WKCTC Engineering Day, trips to Nashville and St. Louis zoos and museums, and to the Girl Scout’s Bear Creek Camp where they can hike, boat, fish, swim and camp.

“It also teaches our girls about sales, marketing, and how to be responsible with money,” said Troop 1973 Leader Anna Knight.

In addition to the next few weeks of individual in-person Girl Scout Cookie sales and internet sales through Digital Cookie, each Girl Scout Troop will be having Girl Scout Cookie sale booths set up throughout town from late February through mid March. So be assured that either from the Girl Scout at your door, a mouse click away, or to the Girl Scouts selling at the stores and businesses in town, every box you buy will benefit Girl Scouts locally and worldwide.