When Jesus came into the coast of Caesarea Phillipi, He asked his disciples, saying, ‘Who do men say that I the son of man am?’ His disciples said, ‘Some say you are John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others Jeremias, or one of the prophets.’ Jesus said unto them, ‘But whom say you that I am?’ Simon Peter answered and said, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.’ Jesus said, ‘Peter, you are blessed because my Father in heaven has revealed this unto you!’ Surely how blessed we each are as they Holy Spirit reveals God to us. Nothing associated with flesh and blood cannot do it, only the spiritual enlightenment of God. The Jesus of the New Testament is still the I Am of the Old Testament. Seven times He reveals Himself as the I Am. His writing in John 8:58 tells us about Himself in eternity past. He tells the Pharisees that, ‘Before Abraham was, I Am!

Before time was, Jesus was the I Am! When no ending eternity has continued forever, He will still be the present tense I Am. As you live and move and have your being now, He is still I Am to you! God’s precious word delights in telling who the wonderfully great I Am is! He tells us, He, ‘the I Am is the Bread of Life!’ (John 6: 35, 41, 48 and 51). If any man will appropriate Him by faith, that man will never hunger! The gnawing pain of hunger caused by the spiritual void of the Bread of Life in this world can only be filled the The Bread of Life Himself. As the prophet Amos (8:11) spoke about a famine, not of earthly bread or water but of the work of the Lord. We eat and get hungry again, but God’s Bread of Life is an everlasting nourishment that will last throughout eternity. Compare to what David said in Psalm 42:1-2, ‘As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee O God, my soul thirsteth after thee O Living God. John 6:32 reads that Jesus said, ‘Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled. O Glorious bread, the body broker for yours and my sins, showing forth the death of our Lord Jesus until He comes again!

He invites us to come and take part in His death, burial, and resurrection by our observance of the Lord’s Supper. Let us hasten to remember, pictured symbolically of His broken body (bread). Please read Romans 10:9-10.