“We’ve got a really cool announcement to make today — it’s something that I have never seen happen. I think people are really going to be glad to hear what Humana Healthy Horizons is doing in our county.”

With those words, Lyon County Judge-Executive Wade White opened a video he posted Friday on YouTube. White said Humana Healthy Horizons contacted him two months ago and “wanted to make a substantial investment in Lyon County to help us with our internet issues.”

Establishing reliable internet in the county has been White’s top priority since he became judge-executive in 2010. So he welcomed Humana’s offer. Humana Healthy Horizons is an arm of the giant health care organization based in Louisville. The firm is partnering with Fastnet to implement the project.

“Humana has come up with a way to connect people with fiber optic internet in a certain area in Lyon County. The area I’m talking about is for people who live in Suwanee, people who live on Travis Road, Stephens Road and New Circle Road,” he said, adding Humana’s project has no connection to the projects the fiscal court endorsed Thursday using its $1.5 million grant from the American Rescue Plan Act passed in March. Those two projects involve a partnership among the fiscal court, Pennyrile Electric and Fastnet to install fiber cable internet in two separate zones covering most of the county.

Humana’s project “will serve 180 residents in the Suwanee area; the first year is free with 100 megabytes and it comes with a free router,” said Third District Magistrate Jeff Fowler in the video announcement. Fowler, along with County Attorney Lee Wilson and White comprise the fiscal court’s internet team.

Humana’s project will include a telehealth hub placed somewhere in the county where the public may go to receive telehealth service via a computer using fiber internet. The project also includes “hot spots”— probably at three locations throughout the county where people who don’t have internet in their homes may access the internet free from their vehicle.

The video may be seen on Lyon County’s website, and the public is asked to respond to a survey as soon as possible on Fastnet’s website or call the company at 885-889-FAST.

White concluded saying: “I’ve never heard of this happening in Kentucky — it’s a one-of-a-kind project.”