The summer of 2021 should see a number of improvements made to both Lyon County high and elementary schools. On Monday, Lyon County Board of Education chose to move ahead with a $4.58 million plan to upgrade the two facilities.

The high school, built in 1963, is in greatest need of updates, maintenance and modernization. Among areas that will be addressed are HVAC replacement, addition of a standard classroom and new windows. The windows are original to the building, and some that were falling out have been held in place with screws.

“If you have a home that’s over 50 years old, the original windows probably need to be replaced,” Superintendent of Schools Russ Tilford joked.

Windows at the elementary school, built in the early 1990s, are also on the list for replacement, as are other upgrades.

School board Chairman Denny Gray said the high school is behind most others in the region in terms of adequacy for 21st century learning. But with the improvements, Tilford said the building, which he classified as a strong facility, should be able to adequately serve the district for a long time.

The superintendent said the project, which will likely evolve a bit over the coming months as the district moves toward awarding a contract for construction, pushes the district to the edge of its bonding potential.

“We don’t have means to build a new high school, but we do have the means to take care of what we do have,” Tilford said.