I would like to start off by apologizing for what I’m about to say. As promised, I’ll do my shout outs. To my parents, you guys are bad gals. Joseph, Jonas, you are very annoying, but … that’s all I got, sorry kid. To the teachers, you guys have been really great and I haven’t been in trouble with any of you, so I can graduate without holding any grudges. Thank you for teaching. Now that that’s over with, I want to talk to the rest of you. I know for a fact, I didn’t really talk to any of you that often. In all honesty, I didn’t even go to this school. I kind of just popped in at random times for comic relief. You know, pop in, say some random thing, a few people laugh, and then disappear again, wearing my red backpack of course. Now with that being said, although I didn’t talk doesn’t mean I don’t keep up with yall. I have social media, I see yall posting your senior pictures, and let me just say, I am proud of every single one of yall. Like I hope every single one of us does well and are happy in whatever we plan on doing. If you wanna be a bum, you better be a happy bum that’s all I gotta say. Honestly, after these long years spent together, we all deserve it. We’ve made many memories, I know I have. I remember when Mrs. Richards roasted me in front of the entire second grade. Or when my team definitely dominated the L games because we’re that cool. Ooh or when this one sub almost gave me a detention and kept calling me Lulu. Do you remember that Lulu, she got us confused because of the color of our skin, I mean our clothes that weren’t similar in any way? Fun times, anyways, it is great to remember the times we had, but please do not stay attached. Don’t be the kid that misses high school so much you’re like “Oh, I’m gonna show up to my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd periods just like old times, the teachers would love that!” DO NOT DO IT. Don’t be like the kids that still show up to senior youth even though they graduated like two years ago. We all know who it is and I’m begging you please don’t do it. Its childish, you’re too old, like come on, your class is down the hall. And if yall are thinking about being that guy, I’ll find out because I’m nosy and I will clown on you so hard. Anyways, my whole point of my little rant was to tell yall that there if some much out there for us beyond this little high school. We’re gonna make it, we’re gonna be just fine I swear. So I just wanna say congratulations to everybody, I’m so proud, don’t get in trouble, and do great things. Again, just wanna apologize if I offended anyone, especially to the 20yr olds in senior youth, but I said what I said.