Kuttawa City Council last week approved a spending plan for the new fiscal year and renewed agreements for fire and police protection.

At the June 30 meeting, a $1.96 million overall budget was approved with $688,125 set aside for general government from tax revenue. Self-funded through usage fees, water and sewer accounts for $669,614, while the city’s gas utility makes for $311,011. The park fund totals $166,750, the fire department fund is at $115,360 and the street fund is expected to be $12,200.

City Clerk Savannah McCleod said the spending plan currently has no money allocated for paving, though the budget that began last Wednesday and runs through June 30, 2021, can be amended throughout the year, if necessary.

The city also approved the latest version of an ongoing agreement with Lyon County Fire District 2 for fire protection, equipment and facilities. Kuttawa Fire Chief Bill Compton explains that the agreement goes back to 1997, with the rural fire district paying for Kuttawa Fire Department to man the fire station in Suwanee.

This allows property owners outside the city to essentially pay for their own fire protection. Prior to that, city taxpayers were on the hook for fire response outside of the city limits.

“Ultimately it is mutually beneficial for the city and the district,” he said.

The City of Eddyville has a similar agreement with Lyon County Fire District 1.

Another interlocal agreement with Lyon County Sheriff’s Department for at least 40 hours a week of law enforcement services in the city was continued. The patrols, which include new and old Kuttawa and the Buzzard Rock area, are funded through the city’s collection of fees from the sale of alcohol.

Sheriff Brent White said the services are the same year to year, but the current amount is an increase of about $4,000 from $77,315 in the previous contract in order to cover increased expenses to offer policing. The contract will stand for four years, with annual adjustments for the costs associated with providing the service.