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Allye Culp

Lyon County High School Class of 2020 held its commencement Saturday, with four valectorians and two salutatorians addressing their classmates and the socially-distanced crowd that had gathered. Below are excerpts of those speeches.

Valedictorian Annie Dong

It is an honor to stand before you as one of four valedictorians who will be bear this distinction this morning. The title of valedictorian carries with it representation of the highest possible academic achievement.

Valedictorian Marley Burchett

The overwhelming question you may be asking yourself is “What happens now?” Well, maybe the better question to ask is, “What won’t happen?” As we leave the safe bubble of Lyon County High School and grow into adulthood, we’ll experience so many different paths in life, those that include both celebrations and challenges. Whether it be studying in college, putting your passion into the workforce, or even serving our country in the military, each one of you, myself included, will experience something completely different, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Valedictorian Allye Culp

We will forever be known and remembered as the “Coronavirus Class” that had their senior year ripped away from them. Some days I have wished this would have never happened to us, but we truly are history-in-the-making; this pandemic will forever be a part of who we are. As I hope we all do, I am going to cherish these memories made during quarantine forever, but they are definitely not the way I plan to look back and remember Lyon County High School and my time spent here over the last four years.

Valedictorian Kate Gray

Fellow graduates, we are so much more than just the class that had so much taken from them and survived it. We were expected to simply be upset about our circumstances and carry on with a virtual graduation, but the Lyon County Class of 2020 will not even let a global pandemic stop us from achieving our goals. Here we are, thanks to our wonderful administration, gathered together for an in-person graduation while most schools are graduating on Zoom and live streams.

Salutatorian Ashlyn Doom

So you see, we didn’t get to have a last prom, a last spring sports season, a typical last day of school or even a normal graduation, but we have so many lasts to cherish. It’s inevitable to remember us as the “Corona Class,” but it’s important to know that we are not defined by the few months of school that we were left with. We had 13-plus years to make memories and start traditions that would one day lead to a last. But I think it’s safe to say that our class, Corona Class of 2020, will be the last class you forget about.

Salutatorian Khia Burks

I hope every single one of us does well and are happy in whatever we plan on doing. If you wanna be a bum, you better be a happy bum; that’s all I gotta say. Honestly, after these long years spent together, we all deserve it. We’ve made many memories; I know I have … There is so much out there for us beyond this little high school. We’re gonna make it; we’re gonna be just fine, I swear.