Ready in minutes! This turkey cheese ball is cute and delicious!


Pre-made cheese Ball

Edible candy Eyes

Pretzel Sticks

Candy Corn

Crackers for dipping


Remove pre-made cheese ball from packaging and flip upside-down. Scoop out a small amount of cheese from the bottom of your cheese ball and set aside. This extra cheese will serve as the “glue” for assembling your turkey cheese ball.

Flip cheese ball over place in the center of a round serving plate.

Poke one pretzel stick into the front of the cheese ball to be your turkey’s “neck.”

Take about 8-10 pretzel sticks and poke them into the back of your turkey in a fan shape. These will be your turkey’s feathers.

Use some of the cheese you set aside earlier to attach your candy corn onto the top of the pretzel at the front of your cheese ball. Then use more of the cheese to attach the edible candy eyes to this pretzel as well.

Surround your turkey cheese ball with crackers and enjoy!



Double Stuf OREO cookies

candy corn

googly eyes

pumpkin spice morsels

black cake/cookie icing


Take 4-5 pieces of candy corn and carefully push into the icing in between the cookie parts. Don’t push too far or the cookie will separate.

Using the black cake or cookie icing as “glue,” squeeze a tiny amount where you want to place the eyes and beak. Apply the googly eyes to the icing. Apply the pumpkin spice morsel under the eyes as the beak.



1 15.25 oz package peanut butter oreos, pulsed in food processor

1 8 oz. package regular cream cheese, softened

chocolate candiquik

1 Tbs. shortening or coconut oil

pretzel sticks

chocolate sprinkles


Allow the cream cheese to come to room temperature. Put half the oreos in the food processor and pulse until you have oreo crumbs. Add the other half of the oreos to the food processor and pulse again until all the oreos are fine crumbs.

Once the cream cheese if soft, mix the oreos and cream cheese together, making sure the mixture is well blended.

Use a tablespoon to measure the oreo mixture and form into acorn shapes. To make the acorn shape, form an elongated ball, then pinch one end to make it slightly tapered.

Place the acorns on a baking sheet lined with wax paper and place them in the fridge for one hour.

After the acorns are hard, begin to melt the chocolate candiquik with the shortening in a double broiler. You will need a double broiler to keep the chocolate warm while dipping all of the acorns.

To dip, place one acorn in the saucepan with melted chocolate. Use a spoon to spoon chocolate on top of the acorn, if needed. To remove the acorn use a fork to lift it out of the chocolate. Remove excess chocolate from the acorn by gently shaking. Continue this process until all of the acorns are dipped. Allow them to harden at room temperature.

To add the pretzel, dip one end of the pretzel into the chocolate and press it into palce. Return the acorns to the baking sheet to allow the pretzels to set. After they are set, serve and enjoy. Store leftovers in a container in the refrigerator.



Fudge Stripe Cookies

Reese’s miniature peanut butter cups, unwrapped

Butter Cream frosting


Mix food coloring into frosting to create an orange color

Spoon frosting into a piping bag. Use smallest round decorating tip, or cut a very small hole into the edge of the bag

Place Fudge Stripe cookies upside down, so chocolate side is facing up

Pipe a small square on the front of the Reese’s cup. Flip it upside down and pipe a generous amount of frosting around the edges. Place the Reese’s cup (frosting side down) in the middle of the Fudge Stripe cookie. Frosting should spillover, but touch up is needed.