Weaver announces retirement from USPS

Friday, April 30, was my last day of work for the USPS. With 35 years working at several offices, it’s time to go home, start a new journey. I hear retirement is busier than work, so I’m sure I’ll find something to do. LOL! You’ve all heard about the granddaughters, so you know I’ll be busy with them too. I couldn’t leave without saying how much you all have come to mean to me.

I have four offices and other job experiences, but my offices had the best customers, and you in Kuttawa were no exception. I appreciate your support and acceptance of me, and the office. Your business keeps your office open here. Pass the word in the community to shop and keep your office here. I know you will continue to support and keep your office open.

Thank you so much for embracing me with open arms. You are wonderful and kind folks and I respect and care for you very much. I arrived a stranger at each town, but I leave as a friend or adopted family member every time. You are wonderful people in a wonderful town. Help the next person working here to feel your charm and affection. May you all have full and happy lives now and into the future.


Suzanne Weaver

Former postmaster and clerk, Kuttawa