Princeton Mayor Kota Young announced last week that former Eddyville Police Chief Shane Allison would be Princeton's new assistant police chief. The announcement was made at the Feb. 3 meeting of Princeton City Council.

Young said the city would have to clear Allison through the state government, taking a matter of days.

"We hope to have him on by mid-February," Young said after the meeting. "It takes about two weeks for it to go through the legal department.

"He's an ideal candidate. Like I said in the meeting, we couldn't have asked for a better applicant for the position. We're very excited to have him on and see what he can bring to the department."

Allison, 48, retired as Eddyville's police chief on Nov. 30 after 16 years in that position. He was one of the first people to join the Eddyville Police Department in April 1998 and was the longest-serving city employee at the time of his retirement.

When he became the police chief in 2003, he was the youngest police chief in the state.

Allison, who still lives in Eddyville, will become Princeton's first assistant police chief since Chief Chris King was promoted from the position on Sept. 4, 2017, succeeding former chief Don Weedman.

In a related matter, the City Council approved the second and final reading of an ordinance to set the salary of assistant police chief at $49,000 per year. The ordinance was necessary when it was found that the city's Pay Plan Ordinance did not include a salary for that position.