Eddyville Shooter's Supply closes


Shooter's Supply of Eddyville closed its doors Friday after five years at its Eddyville Mall location. The Paducah store expanded with a location in Eddyville in August 2014.

In August 2014, Shooter's Supply expanded its Paducah business with a location at the Eddyville Mall. On Friday, that store closed its doors.

Shooter's Supply is a hunting and fishing emporium, providing weapons, ammunition, fishing equipment and more for the avid outdoors person, and was a mecca for hunting enthusiasts in the Pennyrile region.

"It was a very popular store," said manager Tammy Guess. "We did a good business. We had a lot of loyal following customers.

"There's several reasons why they decided to close this store," she added. "The rent here in the mall was outrageous; that was the main reason. The utilities in the mall were outrageous."

Guess said the Paducah store which suffered a fire in September 2017 added to the business' woes.

Guess is a native of Lyon County and a hunter herself, making it more painful to close the store.

"I'll bet you I've had a hundred people in the last two weeks just almost cry because we're leaving," she said. "You have your regular customers, and they are like family."

Guess and store owner Lynn McCutchen agreed the mall space rent and the lack of development in the mall were the main reasons behind the store closing.

"Lynn was told whenever they put this store in that by the spring of 2015, the mall would be 80 percent full," Guess said. "It never happened. This store didn't lose money, but it was more of a headache to keep it here because the rent was so high."

"The mall never did develop the way they thought it would," McCutchen said. "It's been the anchor store since the beginning, and there's not been anybody come to make it better."

McCutchen said he was thinking about opening a store in the same area, "just not here in the mall."

"Eddyville needs a store like this," Guess said. "I'm sure someone will pick up the slack, and it probably won't take them long because they'll fill the need."