A former Lyon County teacher accused of recording video of underage girls in a school bathroom was reportedly indicted last week in federal court.

According to Lyon County Sheriff Brent White, Michael McCuiston was indicted Jan. 14 by a grand jury convened the U.S. District Attorney's Office for the Western District of Kentucky. McCuiston, a former Lyon County Middle School employee, was arrested April 20, 2019, at his home in Webster County on five Class D felony counts of installing an eavesdropping device in Lyon County and one count of tampering with evidence in his home county.

McCuiston was scheduled to appear in Lyon Circuit Court Jan. 6 for a pretrial conference related to the eavesdropping charges and five additional voyeurism charges, but that appearance was continued to Feb. 3 pending a federal prosecutor's case. A spokesman for the U.S. District Attorney's office in Louisville last week would not comment on the case, but White later indicated the grand jury found probable cause to move forward with charges in the federal court system.

"But I can't confirm the titles of the offenses," White added.

It was unclear at press time what may be the next step is in the McCuiston case or what the charges are that will move forward in federal court.

McCuiston, 33 at the time of his arrest, had served as the physical education teacher for the elementary and middle schools in Lyon County, as well as high school boys soccer coach and high school boys and girls track coach. He resigned from his position immediately following a criminal complaint of alleged sexual exploitation.

According to a detective with the Kentucky State Police Electronic Crimes Branch in testimony last May, law enforcement officials received an anonymous tip about McCuiston, and during an interview, McCuiston's wife, Jeri, confirmed he had located images on his cell phone of what she believed to be a juvenile female using the restroom.

Detectives then acquired a search warrant for Michael McCuiston's home and located the device used to store the images. According to a police report, McCuiston attempted to alter his phone when law enforcement arrived. That alleged action led to the charge in Webster County.

In addition to McCuiston's phone, detectives reportedly gathered two videos from a tablet evidence during a search in McCuiston's office at the school.