The City of Kuttawa has agreed to spend some of its revenue from alcohol regulatory fees to supply the sheriff's department with new Tasers.

Sheriff Brent White at last week's city council meeting asked policymakers for a commitment of money from their Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) restricted funds to replaced the department's outdated devices with the current version of the conductive energy weapons. Council members gave approval to spending almost $29,000 over the next five years to purchase 10 Taser 7 electroshock weapons for White and his deputies.

White called the need "urgent."

The money will not affect the city's general fund, as money from alcohol regulatory fees must go back into ABC administration and public safety.

The sheriff will put $5,700 toward the purchase in the current fiscal year, which will be matched by $5,700 from the city and another $5,775 in restricted funds each of the following four years.

The city has projected $93,700 in revenue this year for its ABC-restricted fund. The bulk, $78,000, goes to the sheriff's department for a dedicated full-time deputy to serve the City of Kuttawa, which does not have its own police force.

The purchase includes live and practice cartridges and training on the new devices, which offer the department the latest in non-lethal weaponry.

"I'm starting 25 years of policing this year, and this tool is probably the single most effect tool in policing," White said. "They've not only saved lives, but they've saved injuries."

On the market since 1999, the Tasers currently in use by Lyon County Sheriff's Department are no longer supported by Axon, the company that owns the Taser name.

The sheriff and deputies can still use their devices until the new models arrive, but software and maintenance is no longer supported.

The City of Eddyville's ABC revenue will go toward new Tasers for its own police department. Alcohol regulatory fees that come to county government, White said, goes toward the purchase of a new cruiser each year for the sheriff's department.