What a thrill!

As I exit The Legend at Holiday World, I am greeted by a massive line waiting to ride Frightful Falls. In curiosity; I joined the massive crowd. After waiting for what seemed like forever and again, I approach a small "log" boat. I quickly hop in, eager to ride. I plop into the front seat. My cousins, Allie and Anna, sit behind me. I tightly grip the handle bar, prepared to ride. I wiped off sweat, for the heat was extreme! The ride finally begins! A frame leading to never ending darkness starts the thrill.

We pass through the entrance and race through the dark halls. The tracks were so bumpy, I felt as if my stomach had bounced into my chest! This is intense, I though to myself. I shut my eyes so tight that it would be impossible for anything to pry them open. We bumped along and a peek of sunlight met my eyes. I silently celebrate as the sun beamed on my skin.

Creak … creak … we slowly ride down creaking tracks which have spooky decorations all around. We pass through a fake miniture graveyard, pumpkins, skeletons, and more classic Halloween decor. This is my kind of ride, I thought to myself, relaxing in the sun. I felt the spirit of Halloween combine with my soul. I almost fell asleep, but screams quickly awake me. Soon, my joyful relaxation came to an end. I saw a curve leading to a new part of the ride, although I couldn't make out what it was, for the sun was blinding me.

We reach the curb and saw a terrifyingly tall climb! The rails intensly creak as we begin the climb. Gosh, this is tall, I thought to myself as I felt sweat falls off my face. As the climb grew taller, the more I get nervous! I glance down at the small figures that make up children running around the park.

The tension in the air filled my body with fear. Relax, I tried to tell myself, you'll be fine. In less than a second we go flying down a neverending fall! I feel weightless, like my stomach had escaped. I felt water drench my shirt. My head bobbles like a "bobbing head" toy. May breathing patter becomes intense! SPLASH! We finally make it down and float down a stream. I realized how soaked I am as I run to my parents. What a thrill!