One local lawmaker believes it is time for a changeā€¦one that would keep daylight saving time year-round.

Rep. Chris Freeland (R-Benton), who represents Lyon County in Frankfort, is one of 17 co-sponsors of legislation to that aims to eliminate the biannual time change in Kentucky. Bill Request 181 would adopt daylight saving time across all of Kentucky, if authorized by Congress, effective upon the first Sunday of November following passage of enabling federal legislation.

Daylight saving time ended Sunday, moving sunrise and sunset up an hour on clocks.

Hawaii and most of Arizona are the only areas in the U.S. that do not observe daylight saving time, but that could change in several states, if Congress were to approve.

"I talked with several farmers and several people," Freeland said. "I talked to others in the business community who certainly were favorable for the idea. This would put our bill into action as soon as the nation acts on their behalf."

The Kentucky General Assembly will take up the matter when it meets next year.

The session is scheduled to run Jan. 7 to April 15.