Lyon Card generates more than $1,400 for youth sports last year

Many Farmers Bank & Trust Co. customers are showing support for local youth sports pennies at a time, and most do not even think about.

The bank, which operates two branches in Princeton and a third opened two years ago in Eddyville, contributed more than $10,300 in 2019 to youth sports organizations in the two counties it serves.

The money is amassed only 3 pennies at a time through use of the bank's debit card tied to respective accounts.

"Each time a cardholder uses that card for a purchase, 3 cents is donated by the bank," said Jeff McDaniels, president and CEO of the bank. "It's invisible to the cardholder. They know it's happening, but it does not affect their account."

Customers can choose the Tiger Card, a debit card that benefits youth sports in Caldwell County, or the Lyon Card, which generates funding for Lyon County.

In Caldwell County, Youth Inc. was on the receiving end of an $8,900.04 check from Farmers Bank.

Youth Inc. is the charitable organization that operates most youth sports in the county, though it does not represent soccer.

McDaniels, a former board member of the group, said the contribution represents a significant portion of its operating fund.

"I know it's a meaningful part of their budget," he said.

It took nearly 300,000 transactions on Tiger Cards in 2019 to fund the most recent donation.

In the decade or so since the Tiger Card has been used, more than 2.4 million transactions have generated $72,054.34 for Caldwell County youth sports.

Lyon Cards, with only two years of use, have accumulated just under $2,500 for Lee S. Jones Park through Lyon Fiscal Court, which is the recipient of the accumulated 3-cent donations.

Last year, more than 47,250 transactions led to a donation of $1,417.71 for the park.

"If you walk into one of our branches, you see 'Community driven' as a slogan," McDaniels said. "To support the kids in your community, it feels really good."