Nov. 3 - Lyon County Sheriff's Department arrested a Kuttawa woman over the weekend on shoplifting and other charges after reportedly stealing less than $10 in merchandise from a local variety store.

Erika Lynn Johnson, 40, was arrested Sunday at Kuttawa Dollar General by Sheriff Brent White upon returning to the store a day after the alleged theft took place. According to White's report, Johnson left the store Saturday evening without paying for nail glue, ground beef and four bags of candy that she had concealed in her clothing and purse.

The woman reportedly told the cashier her wallet was in her vehicle and left the store, not returning to pay for the merchandise. Surveillance video was said to have recorded the crime.

On Sunday, store management reportedly witnessed Johnson return to the store in the same clothing and glasses she was seen wearing on Saturday's surveillance video. She was detained and allegedly claimed she had returned to the store to pay for the items taken the previous day.

White reports Johnson, also known as Erika Lary, confessed to the theft and was arrested.

A search subsequently led to the reported discovery of a glass methamphetamine smoking pipe, for which she was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Johnson was also charged with a second offense of operating on a DUI-suspended license after a search of a police database. She had been convicted of the first offense just four days prior. The search also revealed she had two September Lyon County convictions of theft by unlawful taking under $500.

Nov. 2 - John Carl Mahaffey, 38, of Princeton was arrested Saturday morning on a third-degree burglary charge related to the Oct. 27 break-in of two Lyon County barns. According to a sheriff's report, the owner of the barns, James McKinney, reported several items had been taken from two of his barns Ky. 818. He reported to 911 the make, model and license plate number of a vehicle seen driving away from one of the barns. Acquaintances of Mahaffey reportedly told Princeton police that he drove a vehicle matching the description given Lyon County authorities. McKinney also allegedly identified Mahaffey as the burglar from photographs of the man.

Oct. 29 - An Lyon County juvenile was charged Saturday on charges of third-degree criminal trespassing, theft by unlawful taking under $500 and tampering with physical evidence related to an Oct. 29 incident at a Broadway residence. According to reports, the teen confessed to setting up a tent on the property to shelter from rain and taking a $150 game camera mounted a tree to keep from being identified as a trespasser. He then reportedly destroyed the camera and disposed of it in a lake.

Oct. 31 - Austin Wayne Evans, 23, of Eddyville was arrested last Thursday on two counts of trafficking in a controlled substance after being found hiding in a bedroom of an Eddyville home upon a welfare check conducted by law enforcement and social services related to children in the home. The charges are tied to July 31 and Aug. 1 Lyon County incidents in which Evans is accused of selling suspected meth to a confidential police informant.

Oct. 28 - William Donald McKinney II, 47, of Kuttawa was arrested last week on a charge of theft by unlawful taking under $500 related to the Oct. 26 theft from Kuttawa Dollar General of condoms, personal lubricant, body spray, energy drinks and other items totaling just more than $41. He was reportedly identified by surveillance video and admitted to the shoplifting during an Oct. 28 interview at the sheriff's department.

Oct. 30 - Lacrecia R. Hunt, 34, of Princeton was arrested last Wednesday for possession of a controlled substance (meth) and possession of drug paraphernalia. A passenger in a vehicle on a routine traffic stop, Hunt was charged after a search of a case reportedly belonging to her was said to contain suspected meth, a syringe and a straw.

During the same traffic stop on Fairview Avenue, John Craig Boisseau, 42, of Princeton was arrested for violation of a Colorado domestic violence order to have no contact with Hunt. A rifle was also located in the vehicle. According to reports, the DVO prohibited Boisseau from possessing a firearm. He was also charged with several traffic violations, including operating on an expired license.