I-24 complaint yields DUI

A Tennessee man was arrested last Wednesday following a complaint of a reckless driver on Interstate 24.

According to Lyon County Sheriff’s Department, Joshua Cain Whitesel, 39, of Martin was charged with DUI and having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle.

The case originated with a 911 call from a driver on I-24 reporting a silver Ford F-150 pickup with no plates driving erratically. Martin left the interstate at Exit 45 and his unattended truck was spotted by deputies at a gas pump at a Marathon convenience store.

Deputies Chris Smith and Sam Adams found Martin walking his dog at the store. He reportedly had a strong odor of alcohol detected by authorities. When confronted, he allegedly became belligerent and was placed in handcuffs due to a small knife on his belt.

Kuttawa man’s dogs deemed nuisance

Newton J. Holt, 65, of Kuttawa was cited to court on nuisance ordinance violations related to his dogs.

According to a Lyon District Court criminal complaint summons, Holt’s boxer and Labrador were a repeated nuisance to a neighbor, his family and their pet over a period of almost a year beginning July 2019. A complaint filed by Andrew Beau Hainsworth reports the suspect’s dogs were aggressive toward the family and allegedly attacked the their great Pyrenees multiple times, eventually leading to its death.

Holt reportedly admitted the dogs where his when confronted about an attack, and even paid the veterinary bill, but his dogs continued to be an issue. Most recently, the great Pyrenees was found badly injured on the family’s yard after an attack. The pet died from its wounds.

A canine identification tag found at the scene was reportedly traced to one of Holt’s dogs.

The county’s nuisance board reviewed the case on March 4, and three days later, mailed Holt written notice of the nuisance violation. The suspect reportedly continues to allow the dogs to be a nuisance, having not corrected the situation.

He is cited to appear in Lyon District Court next Wednesday.

TV reporter charged with trespassing

A television reporter with WPSD Local 6 has been charged with second degree criminal trespassing, a misdemeanor, for reportedly entering private property in Lyon County, ignoring signage and verbal warnings.

Abisola Adeyemo, 22, of Paducah reportedly entered the property of Wes Herran on Ky. 93 South without permission on June 18. According to a Lyon District Court criminal complaint summons, Herran told Sheriff Brent White that the journalist was told by a tenant on the property, Michelle Grant, that she was trespassing at the time of the incident.

However, Adeyemo allegedly refused to leave based on Grant’s warning, and did so only after speaking with Herran on the telephone.

The sheriff spoke with Adeyemo on July 5. She reportedly confirmed she was on Herran’s property on June 18 and apologized for doing so.

“Adeyemo advised she was a news reporter and was not aware there were any restrictions for her being on the property,” the summons filed July 20 read.

White’s statement said photographs of the area clearly indicated prominently displayed “No trespassing” signs surrounding the property.

Adeyemo was reportedly seeking a cemetery thought to be on Herran’s property for a news story.

WPSD Local 6 is owned by Paxton Media Group in Paducah, which is the parent company of The Herald Ledger.