First reading of an ordinance introduced at Lyon Fiscal Court last Thursday would set 35 mph speed limits on four county roads.

As proposed, designated portions of Jack Thomason, Chestnut Oak, Bill Thompson and Jenkins roads would have the speed maximums set based upon a recommendation from the sheriff's department.

"We talked about a lot of roads, but addressed only those with a significant worry," Sheriff Brent White said. "Jenkins is most concerning to our deputies."

The speed limits would not be in effect until the ordinance is passed upon second reading and published in The Herald Ledger.

Signs would be posted to clearly mark the new speed zones.

White said 35 mph signs once stood in some of the areas included in the order, but have come down for various reasons. Research could not find the original ordinances setting the limits, so they were incorporated into a new request.

The sheriff said Buzzard Rock Road is also a concern, especially due to a number of golf carts that utilize the road, but it is maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which would need to set the speed limit.