Last Wednesday, Lyon County Judge-Executive Wade White lifted the burn ban that had been in place in Lyon County since September 25. The ban was initiated due to extremely dry and windy conditions, and remained until the county received enough rainfall to diminish the risk of forest fires.

Though the ban is no longer in place, residents must still abide by state rules regarding burning: October 1 through December 15, burning is only allowed from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. unless you are more than 150 feet from any woodland or brushland.

Land Between the Lakes also eased campfire restrictions on Thursday, which means the use of charcoal for cooking and wood campfires will once again be allowed in dispersed campsites and designated campgrounds.

According to LBL, they implemented these restrictions last month in response to a "flash drought" which brought about critical fire weather conditions for the forest.

"Our visitors and recreationists need to be aware that we are entering our normal fire season and the potential for large fire, especially if warmer weather returns," LBL Area Supervisor Tina Tilley said in a press release.

Reimplementation of restrictions may be necessary if dry and hot weather conditions return.

LBL has asked all visitors and hunters exercise caution with campfires and ensure they are completely extinguished and cold to the touch before leaving their campsite.