Lyon County magistrates heard a request at last Thursday's fiscal court meeting from Paul Wynn of Trigg-Lyon Volunteer Fire Department to change how the agency is funded locally.

Wynn wants Lyon Fiscal Court to allow the fire department to place flat fees of $30 and $55 on county tax bills for residential and commercial property owners in its coverage area, respectively. Currently, the department is funded through voluntary memberships paid by property owners in its territory, while Trigg County's funding is from flat fees placed on tax bill at the same rates requested for Lyon County.

"The fiscal court has helped us out with equipment we needed," Wynn said. "But we would just like to simplify things, and we think we can get twice as much money."

The fire department mails out requests each year to 350 or so property owners for memberships, and received about $4,000 last year. The rate of return on the requests is about 40%.

Wynn said the response among people he has spoken with has been favorable toward placing the flat fees on tax bills. However, Lyon County Judge-Executive Wade White said the fiscal court needs some time to look at the issue.

"There is some stuff we need to look into," he told Wynn.

No action was taken last week.

Two rural fire districts that cover portions of Lyon County not within the Trigg-Lyon department's territory and outside the incorporated limits of Eddyville and Kuttawa are funded as taxing districts, with cents-per-$100-valuation levies placed on property.