Russ Tilford

Lyon County Schools Superintendent Russell Tilford has accepted his appointment from Gov. Andy Beshear to serve on the Land Between the Lakes Advisory Board.

The 17-member federal board comprises appointees from Kentucky and Tennessee. Appointees generally have direct connections to the counties affiliated with LBL.

“Of course, that makes good sense,” Tilford said of such connections. “All the educational opportunities at LBL, the historical perspective, that’s really where, as school superintendent, I come into play. Hopefully, (that’s) to help preserve the history and heritage of LBL and be a good representative of Lyon County to that board.”

As for his own experience, “I just go back to my childhood, my youth,” Tilford said. “I spent a lot of time in Land Between the Lakes. My grandfather on my mother’s side has roots between the rivers, so there’s a personal connection there. I spent a lot of time camping, fishing, etc., at LBL and remember some of the historical things that were on display and available back in that time, such as the Silo Overlook Empire Farm, things like that that have gone away over time.”

As for the current state of the national recreation area, Tilford said, “Certainly, there also are some great things that are very prevalent in LBL now and my focus is to ensure that we continue to preserve those things and keep LBL as it is, as a resource for our region and for the nation.”

Tilford replaces Brent Stringer, whose term has expired. Tilford’s term runs through Aug. 9, 2025.