Two correctional facilities in Lyon County have a combined 851 inmates and staff infected with COVID-19.

By far, it’s the most of any corrections institution in the state.

Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville has more than 530 cases, while Western Kentucky Correctional Complex between Fredonia and Eddyville has more than 300.

Kentucky Department of Corrections officials said they have taken aggressive steps to protect staff and inmates in prisons. Employees must pass through a UV sanitizing system before entering the facility, and staff members have increased sanitation efforts.

The department of corrections has mandated mask wearing and has provided inmates with enough masks to have a fresh one available to wear at all times.

If any inmate becomes symptomatic for any illness, and the medical staff can’t handle their care, they are taken to the hospital.

The prisons are divided into separate living areas — positive, negative and negative but exposed.

Officials said medical staff members visit the areas daily to check on the inmates.

A total of three inmates have died between those two facilities.