Murray-Calloway County Hospital has confirmed its first case of COVID-19. Following is an excerpt from the hospital's news release on the discovery:

"A visitor came to Murray from out of state last weekend to visit with people here in Murray. They attended a local church service on Sunday, March 15. After returning home, the visitor developed symptoms on Monday, March 16 and was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Tuesday, March 17. One Murray resident that this person spent time with is an employee at MCCH. On March 18, the employee followed our protocol and informed us that they had contact with a person who tested positive during our staff temperature checks before their shift started. The employee was wearing a mask already, but was taken to Occupational Medicine for evaluation. The employee was then sent home and immediately instructed to be quarantined. They were tested, and late last night confirmed positive for COVID-19. The employee and their family are fine and were informed to be at home in quarantine."