The following was written Friday morning on Dec. 17.

Things are better today. We have a cold rain. But our people have a roof over their head and warm food in their belly. And a hot shower. Most of our first responders are exhausted or sick. But we have plenty of fresh volunteers to continue the work.

We have turned a corner as a community. For the good. Perhaps two years of COVID have primed us to make a change. There are examples of heroism all around us. Our difficulties have brought out the best in us. Pastors in our area have assumed leadership roles. They all look tired. We see them as heroes …. which they are.

St. Stephens Church in the LBL is still standing. David Nickel had to use a boat to reach the old church. But it is still standing. A symbol of endurance and Hope.

Jim McCoy was our last real cowboy. He was also a philosopher. According to Jim, “money wont keep your back warm on a cold night.” Now, we are so grateful for out loved ones. I sure miss Old Jim.

Our people are worried. But there is now a difference. We are happy to see each other at the grocery store. Happy to be alive. Happy that our friends are still alive. Happy that there are some groceries to buy.

I have cooked beef stew, lasagna, chicken casserole ‘till I am sick of them. But out of fresh ideas. The neighborhood kids have eaten pizza ‘till they are finally tired of it. I wasn’t sure that would ever happen …. but it has.

The “boys from Georgia” arrived this week with a trailer load of supplies for our community. They drove 437 miles from Faith Baptist Church in Bowman, Georgia, just to help us. They will be back next week with Christmas presents for the children.

Like Scarlet O’Hara after the Civil War, we do not have much time to look back. We are staying busy taking care of immediate needs. Disaster can be an opportunity for a new beginning. We are getting there. The sun will shine again on Our Old Ky Home.