A project that could bring better internet access to the Pennyrile region that was temporarily halted is now back on track.

Amanda Davenport, the executive director for the Lake Barkley Partnership for Economic Development, explains that the regional internet feasibility study is being done for the four counties involved with the agreement: Lyon, Caldwell, Crittenden and Livingston.

Davenport said the study will look into using fixed wireless, fiber or a combination of the two.

The funding for the study for the internet project comes from various sources.

“The total cost of this study is $24,000,” Davenport told Caldwell Fiscal Court earlier this month. “Each of the four counties is putting up $3,000, the state ag development board has approved $6,000 and each county ag development board has approved $1,500.

“That’s one project. Another $150,000 is going to be used on a business expansion program. Right now, we are working with a company in Caldwell County that is looking to expand, and having those TVA funds will just help us help them expand.”

Davenport said that the second project is still in the early stages, but “it’s looking very positive.”

The two-month internet study should begin this month or in July and is mostly done by desktop. It will enumerate the number of households, engineering costs for different types of networking and available grants, which will all help to determine the cost of the project and how much the internet service would be used.