A resolution to approve a feasibility study to bring improved internet access to Lyon and three neighboring counties was voted on again by the Caldwell Fiscal Court last Wednesday in a special meeting.

Judge-Executive Larry Curling told magistrates that the resolution had to be voted on in July, likely because it had to be approved within the same fiscal year as the study.

The study will cost $24,000, with Lyon, Caldwell, Crittenden and Livingston counties contributing $3,000 each. Each county’s agricultural development board will chip in $1,500, and the Kentucky agriculture development board will provide $6,000.

Amanda Davenport, the executive director for the Lake Barkley Partnership for Economic Development, said that the regional internet feasibility study is being done for the four counties involved with the agreement.

“We have the funding from three of the four counties; I should be getting the funding from the fourth (Livingston County) pretty soon, and then, we’ll move forward with that feasibility study,” she said last Wednesday.

“(The study) will begin probably in another month, and it should just take a month or two, so we expect to have the results of that in late summer or early fall.”

It will enumerate the number of households, engineering costs for different types of networking and available grants, which will all help to determine the cost of the project and how much the internet service would be used.

The resolution will also provide $150,000 to bolster the Porter Road Butcher Meat Co. with its expansion of 80-plus high-paying jobs. The Princeton-Caldwell County Industrial Development Authority will act as the authorized correspondent for that project, funded through Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in-lieu-of tax revenue.

“Getting that TVA money has been a big plus for Caldwell County and all the other (qualifying) counties,” said Curling said. “Taking that and using it to get incentives to get companies to expand has been a big plus.”

In Lyon County, the economic development money from TVA will be used to pay fishermen an extra 4 cents on top of the state subsidy to fish Asian carp from Lake Barkley and the Cumberland River.