Lyon County Water District has its new superintendent picked. Last Wednesday, the water district’s board of directors named Billy Asher of Caldwell County as the new manager of the rural water utility. He starts next month, replacing Dixie Cayce, who is retiring.

“I’m excited to get started,” Asher said.

Asher currently works at the Webster County Water District treatment plant, but has worked in various water utilities since 1999, when he was only 18. He headed up Fredonia Water Department for a period.

His time in the business has allowed him to make a lot of connections, which he believes can serve him well heading up the local water utility.

The superintendent leads operations of the water district to serve approximately 2,600 customers outside the cities of Eddyville and Kuttawa. Asher will also oversee 312 miles of distribution lines. The utility does not produce its own water, but buys primarily from the Princeton Water and the City of Kuttawa.

That can present its own set of challenges, Asher said. Chiefly, Lyon County Water District is unable to control the quality of water it dispenses. Cost is also dependent upon what other utilities charge to provide water.

“It’s always ideal to have your own water plant,” he said.

Asher has a 5-year-old son and lives in Princeton.

Cayce has been superintendent since 2013. Prior to that, he served in the same role at Caldwell County Water District. He will serve a few more weeks to help Asher get familiar with the local system.