Wade White in office

On Friday, Lyon County Judge-Executive Wade White lifted the countywide state of emergency tied to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, Lyon County Judge-Executive Wade White rescinded his countywide emergency declaration tied to COVID-19 that has been in effect since March 12.  

Below is his explanation of the situation:

What is an emergency declaration?

It's a tool based upon KRS 39A.  It gives extra powers to the Governor and Local elected officials who declare an emergency.  Extra powers such as purchasing, implementing emergency measures, curfew power and much more.  You can google KRS 39A to learn more.

Why lift the emergency?

I'm a believer of not holding onto a power that is not a necessity.  Elected officials should have limited power over the freedoms of the citizens and the use of emergency declarations should be limited to the actual emergency and not held on to "just in case."   I do not believe we are currently in an emergency as we were before when the goal was to flatten the curve. 

What this DOES NOT mean 

  • Businesses reopen? It was not me or my emergency declaration that shut down businesses so I do not have the power to reopen.  That is between the business owner and Governor Beshear.
  • It does not mean we should stop social distancing or implementing other common sense ways to slow the spread.
  • It does not mean Covid-19 is gone or that we will not have new cases.
  • It only lifts it for the county - the cities have their own declarations.
  • Nothing medically changes that is set up to fight Covid-19.

What if I'm wrong?

It won't be the first time and if we enter into an emergency situation and I need those extra powers I will declare an emergency.

What it does mean

I have a lot of faith in the people of Lyon County to make common sense decisions on protecting themselves and their family and friends.  We do need to jump start our economy. The Lyon County Courthouse opened May 6th to in person visitors with some measures in place such as mid day cleaning, glass partitions and limited office capacity; those still remain.  It has worked very well and we are happy we have been able to serve the public in this manner.  Our park, playground and trash convenience center has been open the entire time.  Thanks to all those who continue to work through this pandemic in a responsible manner.