Terrible things happen when too many people are crammed into too small a space, a common practice in Kentucky's local jails, which are packed far beyond their capacity with state inmates who should be serving their felony sentences in a prison.

WASHINGTON -- Nike has withdrawn a new Independence Day-themed shoe featuring the Revolutionary War-era flag after former NFL quarterback and Nike-endorser Colin Kaepernick complained the flag was a symbol of the slave era, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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They say you'll know when you find true love, but it took me a while.

New data shows 21,400 Kentuckians have had Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits taken away due to a recent state rule requiring adults without dependents or a disability report work hours over a certain threshold or lose food assistance.

It has "invariably been the fate of conservatism to be dragged along a path not of its own choosing," the philosopher and economist Friedrich Hayek famously wrote. Hayek's larger point was that while conservatism plays an important role in pumping the brakes on radical ideas that go too far,…

The Kentucky Retirement Systems Board of Trustees grabbed the wheel two years ago this month and abruptly overcorrected a pension system whose tires had dropped off a steep shoulder on the side of a road winding toward a very uncertain future for the commonwealth's retirement plans and, by e…

For the past several years I have been making an effort to live "in the moment," being mindful of the good fortunes of the day at hand, rather than looking forward to a time in the future when life will be better.

"Why don't we have real data on charter schools?" shouted the headline atop a hit piece on these public schools of choice in The Nation a few years ago.

Years of time have come and gone. Since I first heard it told how Jesus would come again some day. If back then it seemed so real then I can’t help but fee how much closer His coming is today.

Fire is part of the history of cathedrals. I learned this in 1989 when I spent a summer in France studying two of the greatest cathedrals -- Chartres and Notre Dame.

There is nothing in me that is willing to remain in one place for any length of time. I simply cannot stay still. My feet and legs, my hands, my mind, my attention span, everything wants to get up and go. Go where? It doesn't matter, anywhere but here.

WASHINGTON -- When umpire Dutch Rennert blew a call at first base, then-St. Louis Cardinals manager Joe Torre trotted out and asked, "How come you're such a good ball-strike umpire and such [expletive] on the bases?" Rennert, equally puzzled, amiably replied, "Isn't that something?" Try to b…

By tradition, postgraduate medical training -- internships, residencies, and fellowships -- begins in July. I'm sure on July 1, 1965, I was not the only intern, dressed in stiffly starched white jacket and pants, looking in a mirror and thinking, "What in the hell have I got myself into?"

The classic Rudyard Kipling poem "If" comes to mind when considering the controversy -- scandal is another word for it -- that has consumed the McCracken County School District much of this year.

"Trust is the glue of life. It's the essential ingredient in effective communication. It's the foundational principle that holds all relationships."

The need for pension, education and regulatory reform are on full display these days and offer plenty of fodder for this edition of Liberty boosters and busters.

"I appeal to you, that all of you agree, that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment."

Critics jumping at opportunities to stamp an "anti-public education" label on school choice supporters also unwittingly advocate for something different from a truly public education by defending Kentucky's antiquated School-Based Decision Making (SBDM) approach as the holy grail of school g…

If, as numerous rankings indicate, Kentucky is a physically unhealthy state, we may be an even unhealthier commonwealth when it comes to our public pension systems.

The man who claimed he could murder former FBI Director James Comey in midtown Manhattan and his base wouldn't care might still be right.

Parents and voters probably don't realize how much control teachers through School-Based Decision Making (SBDM) councils have in running schools and how little real clout belongs to elected board members and the superintendents they hire and are responsible for holding accountable.

New polling indicates that not only are policies empowering parents to decide how, what and where their children learn more popular than ever, but the support school choice enjoys across political, demographic and geographical spectrums reveals that educational freedom isn't just about helpi…

Kentucky is riding a tourism wave that promises to grow, adding to its already impressive contributions to the state's economy.

Photos of the state Capitol being tweeted by Gov. Matt Bevin offer an unmistakably dramatic before-and-after contrast showing impressive results of a $1.2 million scrubdown of the century-old building.

BERLIN -- In one of contemporary history's intriguing caroms, European politics just now is a story of how one decision by a pastor's dutiful daughter has made life miserable for a vicar's dutiful daughter. Two of the world's most important conservative parties are involved in an unintended …