The wise men said, “Where is He that is born king of the Jews?” We have come to worship Him. Men of great wealth and wisdom travelled long hard journeys to come before the presence of the Lord.

Prophesied by Jeremiah, this righteous branch and king; miraculously born, was worthy of royal worship. The planning that took place in planning the trip was no doubt very detailed. The logistics alone must have required much thinking and planning. The cost of the journey and the physical toll on the caravan must have been staggering. Overwhelmingly important is the sight of this caravan coming to worship Jesus. They saw the star and came from afar!

Day after day, mile after mile, they trudged across deserts and valleys and hills with the hope of the prophet who looked for a special city — but with the knowledge that their faith would soon be sight — Hebrews 11: 1.

There is so much that we can learn about worship from these men. There was great effort in going to see Jesus and come before His presence. Would it be practical or even fair to compare the preparedness and planning of the Magi to our worship today? The hardships and dangers faced were as no doubt nothing to them for they had a desire to worship. Picture the scene as they saw the city on the horizon! Hope turned into glory bound rejoicing! They had not staggered but like Abraham they looked for a city and in that little city of Bethlehem, there was a baby who was born king of the Jews. Their perseverance paid off! They had come to the feet of the Savior!

Bringing this to a conclusion, what is it that we should learn? The first, in my opinion, is that all plans should lead us to worship! No expenses spared or no hard toil wrought can keep us from our desire to worship the Lord. When I leave the worship service on Sunday morning, I need to begin planning and preparing my heart for the special appointed time when I collectively worship my Savior with my brothers and sisters! Hebrews 10”25.