County attorney Wilson praised

Dear Editor:

Recently I retired as Executive Director of the Kentucky County Attorneys Association. A position that I was privileged to hold for more than a decade. Prior to assuming that position, I had twice been elected Powell County Judge Executive and also served as the Executive Director of the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy.

During my time in all these posts, I worked with many dedicated men and women serving their communities. I have also witnessed a few who were not well suited for the public trust they possessed. Working with County Attorneys this past decade, I have first-hand, up-close, professional experience with their unique and enormous responsibilities.

I felt compelled to send this letter to voice my thoughts on Lee Wilson. Lyon County is fortunate to have a man of his stature serving as County Attorney. Since taking office, Lee has demonstrated his concern for public safety and has served as an example of what it means to be a firm, fair and even-handed prosecutor. This has earned Lee the well-deserved respect of his colleagues across Kentucky.

Lee has been actively involved with the Kentucky County Attorneys Association. He has demonstrated an amazing willingness to provide time, wisdom and leadership on criminal justice, legislative and policy issues. On matters concerning public safety, or providing programs that serve working families, we can depend on Lee’s full support.

When it comes to serving his community and state, Lee Wilson is one of the most unselfish and dedicated public officials I know.

As I leave the public service, I want to say it has truly been a highpoint in my career to have had this opportunity of working with Lee. I am optimistic that he will continue to serve admirably and provide strong leadership for the people of Lyon County and the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Bill Patrick,

Lexington, KY