My daddy told me when I was a child that when it came time for me to die if I could count on my fingers five friends that I would be mostly ahead of others. I didn’t think that he knew what he was talking about then, but as I am now old, I realize he was a lot smarter than I thought he was. Can you name five true friends to you on one hand? It may be more difficult than you think, especially, if you put the Bible definition of friendship as the test.

Jesus called us friends. He said, ‘I no longer call you servants but friends. Because you are my friends I make you my confidant.’ You can confide in a true friend and he with you. Do you have five you can name that you dare to share your hidden secrets? (John 5:15). Jesus is the trust of friends who is closer than any relative or family member. He sticketh closer than a brother. We have all had fair-weather friends who deserted us, but Jesus said, ‘I will never leave you or forsake you.’ (Hebrews 13:5) Can you name five who will never under any circumstance leave or forsake you?

Jesus said in His word that a friend loveth at all times. Some of our so called friends are that only when they can control or manipulate you. (There is no variableness with Jesus’ friendship.) John 15; Proverbs 17:17

Jesus loves you in spite of all the criticism he bore for loving us! Matthew 11:19 tells us He loved publicans and sinners and such as we were (Ephesians 2:1-7) and are still full of sin in our actions and talk. His loving kindness and marvelous friendship has washed us clean in His blood and cleaned us from all unrighteousness (I John 1:9).

Greater love hath no man that he would lay down his life for a friend! When we consider who our friend Jesus is, God in the flesh, The Creator of the world, Who am I that a king would bleed and die for?

Dad said, ‘Son choose your friends wisely for what they are you soon become.’ If we could carefully choose our friends, wouldn’t in the name of all that is sane and sensible we should choose Jesus! You can willfully choose Him as your friend and savior! (Romans 10:9-13) Is He your friend?